About Eva Morris

This is Eva Morris and I’m determined to make sure that my children have the childhood I had with my parents. Growing up, I loved vacations with my parents because they always took time out of their busy schedule for family bonding and fun activities. I knew that this is what every child deserves. So when me and my Husband Andrew started having kids ourselves, It became a priority in choosing where to live. That’s when we moved to Maryland and we have been living here for more than 10 years now.

With close access to museums, parks and even beaches within driving distance from home as well as countless tech opportunities nearby like coding camps or STEM field trips – My blog reflects not only how much travel has shaped who who I’m today but also provides advice on parenting decisions by connecting readers with other moms, food and travel suggestions across Maryland and USA whose families are just like ours.


Drawing upon personal experience – growing up as only child raised by parents working full time jobs outside home; moving across country following spouse’s job opportunity; navigating through new culture & climate where everything was different (language, customs) yet feeling more at ease because now I had someone else to share parenting responsibilities with. 

Hence “The Maryland Mom” shares parenting tips for working moms on managing our time while also having fun with our kids, boosting energy & confidence, and handling stress so we can ‘shine’ as women. Also I’ll tell you how to explore Maryland as a Mom like never before. 

So, if you are looking for things like best food, traveling ideas and suggestions, Parenting tips and much more, fellow moms. You are at the right place. Eva Morris is at your service.

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