What to See and Do in Tokyo at Night

Tokyo at Night

What to See and Do in Tokyo at Night

Tokyo at Night sightseeing in Tokyo is a must for anyone visiting the city. Everything from scenic lookouts and ancient monuments to hip neighborhoods and delicious cuisine. In need of some vacation inspiration? The best nighttime attractions in Tokyo are listed below.

See the city from the Tokyo Skytree.

With a height of 634 meters, the Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest freestanding structure. Floors 350 and 450 are observation decks with magnificent city views.From this vantage point, you may sense the city’s scale.

Enjoy local dining and cuisine.

Tasting the local fare in Tokyo (and Japan) is integral to any trip there. Among the many excellent eateries in the city are San-Sada, which can be found adjacent to the Kaminarimon Gate beside the Sensoji temple, and Nanairo Temariuta, known for its vibrantly colored sushi. This Shinjuku restaurant serves food before going out (details below).

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Visit Maxell Aqua Park

The Maxell Aqua Park is fun for youngsters and their parents to spend the day. This park can see all sorts of aquatic animals, including jellyfish, piranhas, sharks, stingrays, and reptiles. There are also several amusement park attractions, an interactive projection map, a bar with some interesting and refreshing drinks, and much more.

See art at Mori Art Museum

See art at Mori Art Museum.

The Mori Art Museum, housed in a stunning Roppongi Hills structure, regularly hosts impressive displays of modern art. Combining the museum’s late hours with the Tokyo City View (discussed further below) makes for a fun evening out.

Enjoy views at Tokyo City View

The Tokyo City View observation deck is in the same structure as the Mori Art Museum. Not only may you go outside to the Sky Deck on the 52nd story, but there’s also an internal observation deck on the 52nd floor. From the Sky Deck, which is 270 meters above ground, you can take in iconic vistas of the Tokyo Tower and the cityscape below. Even if the view is magnificent during the day, you might appreciate it more at night when the city is illuminated.

Party in the entertainment district

Shinjuku is Tokyo’s entertainment zone and is incredibly hip because of its neon signs and billboards. To get a feel for the area, start exploring after dark and simply wander into random areas that catch your eye.

See performances at SURGEON

To see authentic Japanese performances, you should go to SUIGIAN. One of Japan’s earliest forms of theater, Noh has a primary character known as the Shite, acting out various stories through singing, dance, and traditional dress.

Explore the city’s many photography spots

Tokyo is a photographer’s dream destination, with photo opportunities everywhere. You can read up on the greatest Instagram sites in Tokyo beforehand (like we did!) or simply go exploring and see what you uncover.

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