Saxon Math: Nicole The Math Lady

Nicole The Math Lady

Saxon Math: Nicole The Math Lady

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Nicole the Math Lady has literally transformed my oldest daughter’s math experience.

Carrianna began with Horizons in Kindergarten and then moved on to Teaching Textbooks. While I appreciated how hands-off Teaching Textbook was, I realized after a few years that my children were not learning and remembering their math facts, and it simply wasn’t challenging them enough. We stopped using Teaching Textbooks a few years ago, and I’ve noticed a significant increase in math growth since then.

When I was homeschooled, I used Saxon. I had difficulty understanding math, and there were not nearly as many resources available to me 20 years ago as there are now. After researching all of the available math programs, I decided to give Saxon a shot. For years, a good friend of mine has told me how well her children do in Saxon, so I decided it was time to see if it worked for my children as well.

While I knew I wanted the rigor and consistency of Saxon’s spiral approach, I also knew I needed help with upper level math because I’m not the best at it myself.

After deciding to try Saxon Math, I began hearing many homeschooling moms rave about Nicole the Math Lady in the homeschool Facebook groups I belong to. My interest was piqued, and after reading so many glowing reports, I decided we’d get a year’s subscription and give it a shot.

Two years later, it is hands down, the best decision I’ve made in quite awhile.

Carrianna began Saxon in seventh grade. It was a difficult year. Teaching Textbooks had not taught her to the level that Saxon expected her to begin with in 7th grade, so we began halfway through the 6th grade Saxon book, which made her feel like she was terrible at math. After she finished that, she began the 7th grade book.

She enjoyed using Saxon, but found it difficult to adjust to the new teaching style and the more rigorous concept. Furthermore, she is a perfectionist who was constantly stressed out about not getting every problem right. It quickly became a huge deal. I was at a loss for words and didn’t know what to do.

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We met her at one of the Great Homeschool Conventions we attended as part of our homeschool business, and I had Carrianna approach her. Nicole gave her an incredible pep talk, encouraging her not to be discouraged by the problems she was getting wrong and to stop worrying about getting a problem wrong. Nicole also advised her on what she should do differently, which was extremely beneficial!

That one conversation transformed our eighth-grade experience with Saxon math. This year, her attitude has been fantastic, with almost no stressful moments. She has persevered through all of the difficulties and is nearly finished with the entire math book for the year, which is only the second time this has happened! (I know, it’s terrible!) Nicole the Math Lady has made my life so much easier.

Who is Nicole?

Nicole is a mother, wife, Stanford graduate, and former math tutor. She has learned to communicate and teach math in an engaging and enjoyable manner. My daughter described her as “very funny and honest,” and she never complains about watching her videos every day.

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