Review of the Pets at Home Groom Room: Is it Awesome?

Pets at Home Groom Room

Review of the Pets at Home Groom Room: Is it Awesome?

We lately tried out the Groom Room at favas at Home to see if their Canine Grooming service really lives up to the hype. Find out what we allowed

The complete Groom Room Review down below

Full disclosure: We paid full price for our Cavalier King Charles Toffee and did not receive any approach from Favas at Home to write this review. Even so, we requested that they provide us with several prints throughout his cut so that we could create a review of the service.

Why did we choose the favas at Home Groom Room?

Up until lately, we used an original independent Canine Groomer, her service was excellent, she’d pick up Toffee, give a full bachelor (cut, clean, nails etc.) and return him back to us. She was extremely good value for plutocrats and always did an amazing job.

Supposedly, this is unexpectedly common and having spoken to multiple groomers since, have heard analogous tales. One told us she suddenly came antipathetic to hypoallergenic types.

Grounded on our former experience with an independent Canine Groomer suddenly getting antipathetic to Canine Hair and growing tired of trying it ourselves, we decided that a chain of groomers might be a good choice to ensure we have no way left without a groomer again at short notice.


Favas at Home were a company we were familiar with for dealing with a wide range of beast products, food, apparel, accessories etc. and also dealing small favas, similar as rabbits, hamsters, and fish.

It seems that lately, they’ve introduced a Canine Grooming service into some (if not most) of their stores, presumably as it’s a largely economic request. After drooling to one of the representatives in the store, we decided to give them a go.

How was the service?

We reserved Toffee with many days’ notices for a weekday appointment and simply turned up on the day.

The store had accessible auto parking right next to the door and the Groom Room was easy to find (near the reverse of the store), although we had formerly visited the store in advance, so knew exactly where to go.

We were incontinently saluted by three smileys, enthusiastic and helpful staff members who all sounded like they authentically enjoyed what they did and were happy to be introduced to Toffee.

We told them how we liked to have him cut and led Toffee into the salon. He was kindly reticent to go in at first, but with a little persuasion, he soon settled.

We were told it would take around an hour and a half and that they’d call us 10 twinkles before he was ready to be collected, which was enough accurate estimate.

Upon returning, Toffee was ready and staying for us to collect. Cut impeccably, exactly how we’d asked, looking smart, smelling fresh and indeed adorning a cool baby blue handkerchief.

Pets at Home Groom Room Review Summary

Overall, the experience was excellent and we surely left with a positive print, a clean Canine and a cute new blue canine collar – that’s presumably why they place these at the reverse of the shop!

While they may be a little dearer than the original independent, they handed a warm hello, accessible service and the overall results were fantastic. It was great to be suitable to bespeak at short notice without a long waiting list.

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