Is 90s Hip Hop Fashion Reviving?

90s hip hop fashion

Is 90s Hip Hop Fashion Reviving?

Since the 90s are making a comeback, it seems appropriate to showcase some fresh takes on the era’s iconic 90s hip hop fashion styles. When done well, fashion transcends the passing of time and never goes out of style. Check out some of our favorite ways to wear these timeless pieces.

Air Jordans

Jordans will never go out of style. Whether rocking an old pair or a brand-new release, these sneakers radiate confidence. You may wear a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit or go for a more streetwear vibe without changing your Jordans. To look beautiful, you need to feel good about yourself.

When it comes to style, everyone usually starts by looking at top choices first. However, according to fashion innovators, starting from your footwear is always ferocious. While choosing 90s hip hop fashion, Air Jordans or any other footwear is an excellent start.

Clarks Wallabees

A pair of Clarks Wallabees certify superb comfort. You have to prioritize function over form at times, but not here. Wallabees are a classic for a reason. It’s simple to put them on and dress them up or down. 

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Suppose you already own a pair of Wallabees in classic coloring. In that case, you can dress them down with a chambray button-down shirt and dark-wash denim to visualize your 90s hip hop fashion melody. Black ones look best with a tucked-in white shirt, a sleek black blazer, and a pair of distressed blue jeans.

Double Denim

The denim-on-denim red carpet ensemble worn by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears (Free Britany!) in 2001 is arguably the most infamous example of this trend. Their stylist should have been sacked because they did not represent the spirit of 90s hip-hop fashion.

A pair of double-denim jeans can either look terrible or fantastic. Denim overalls worn with a plain white tee are a hip take on this trend. If you want to see more hip-hop, undo one of the buckles up top and match it with an open chambray button shirt and some vintage Air Jordans. Add an excellent accessory, such as sunglasses, a bandana, or a watch, and watch as your appearance becomes a fashion trend.

The key to pulling off double denim is to not be too matchy-matchy with denim washes, to incorporate a neutral piece of apparel, and to finish off with a set of killer shoes and some killer accessories.


Nothing quite says “90s hip-hop” like a pair of Dungarees and Timberland boots. Enough said. R&B singers like TLC and Lauryn Hill popularized the trend of wearing an undone dungaree strap with a slouchy t-shirt or crop top underneath in the ’90s. You may still rock them like it’s the ’90s, but there are also many new options.

According to SilkFred’s Head Stylist Megan Watkins, “to wear your dungarees on-trend in 2022,” you shouldn’t simply drape them over a white tee, but instead layer a sheer, long-sleeved top underneath with chunky shoes for a sophisticated but casual style.

The material of dungarees is not limited to denim. Pleather, cable, and velvet are all great options for a dressier look when paired with your favorite designer heels.

Luxury Tracksuits

Brand and fit are the most important considerations when shopping for a high-end tracksuit. Even if you’re sporting a Gucci tracksuit, it won’t cut it if your trousers are too baggy or your shirt is too loose. Effortlessly wear a pair of sneakers with em toning 90s hip hop fashion.

Black Adidas Gazelles or a pair of white Air Force 1s would do the trick. Also, try to keep your jewelry to a minimum. It’s enough to have a nice watch or a gold chain. Allow the clothing to do the talking.

Cozy Military Apparel

When exactly did uniforms stop being fashionable? I don’t think so. There are a variety of ways you can successfully rock this trend. Here, we’ll start with camouflage. Wear camo pants/shirt in combination with clean white or black kicks. Wearing a white t-shirt under camouflage is a great way to draw attention away from the uniform.

A pop of crimson also looks pretty amazing with camo. Put on a red baseball cap, and some retro Jordans as a nod to the ‘90s hip hop fashion. If you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, you can stick to military-inspired colors like army green, olive green, khaki, black, and white. Wearing a vest or parachute pants will take your outfit from retro to full-on 1990s.


There has always been a strong connection between Hip Hop and the fashion industry, reaping innumerable financial benefits from the culture’s many fashion fads and trends and generating millions of dollars for numerous luxury label manufacturers. It’s a monument to the buying power of urban America.

Corporations took note, and soon there were apparel lines aimed specifically towards rap fans, complete with celebrity endorsements from rap’s biggest names. But the love affair between hip-hop and the fashion world blossoms when musicians and moguls create their own apparel lines.

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