How to Travel with a Cat – Do’s and Don’ts

How to Travel with a Cat

How to Travel with a Cat – Do’s and Don’ts

Having a feline friend could give you more challenges than others could. Whether you are at home or you need to go somewhere out, it’s all up to you how you would handle the situation. Traveling with or without your four-legged friend, both scenarios possibly can put you in complex situations if you have not been prepared in advance.

Though road-tripping would be entertaining rather than hiring a caretaker to babysit your pet and you would get upset thinking about your dear pet all the way long. I’m sure that Nobody would like to be in a situation like Nina was, in the Man vs. Bee comedy season.

Cattitude is something you will have to deal with while traveling. By following some simple tips and tricks, you can make your journey purrfect fun.

Let’s work out some useful tips that will be beneficial for your whole life. So, here we go!

Get Ready Beforehand

Even for normal travel, (I mean without having four-legged creations with you), you have to be prepared in advance to make the journey tension free. Basically, planning is the gist of an enjoyable trip. Just like you did packing your compulsory things, you must have to consider the basic stuff needed for your feline friend. If you are finding it difficult, make a list of all the things from trivial to vital stuff that plays a role in making your cat feel comfortable.

Once you are done with the list, you will see that all the things are easy to lug. At Wisdom Health, we have Dr. Katie Lytle, who says that you can make road-tripping memorable by packing up the bed of a cat, fav blanket, and some toys for your cat along with you.

Must Bring the Usual Litter Box for the Cat

You must be in love with your feline friend, but when it comes to cleaning and washing away the stinky litter tray, it surely makes you disgusting. When the entire car is full of disgusting smells, how would you concentrate on driving smoothly?

Whether you are in or out of your house, if the cat’s poop is smelly, you really have to find a solution. Well, you can have remedies to do away with smelly poop. Do you know why your cat’s poop smells this much?

Reasons could be bacterial infections, intestinal parasites, other digestive issues, or might be a distasteful diet. Don’t try home remedies at this time, because your catty fellow needs expert assistance. Make sure you have a visit to the vet and even before leaving the house, you should double-check that your pet isn’t sick.

The vet may prescribe some easily digestible cat food for smelly poop that can help your furry friend get well soon. During travel, if your cat has eaten something un-digestible, he/she may need to use the litter box more often. So, on the first hand, make sure to avoid giving food to the cat other than usual, and secondly, you must bring his/her litter box with you.

Make Early Associations of Cat and Carrier

Carrier is one of the main items you would have to bring with you. Before putting your furry friend into the carrier, make sure the cat is familiar with the carrier and has been in it before. Animals just like us, can develop associations with their belongings and also distinguish between their things and others. Similarly, a cat will understand that a carrier is a comfortable place to live in.

While traveling, your cat will take it as a cozy place with his favorite blanket and toys inside. It will help you keep the road-tripping excited.

Get a Carrier with a Cover

Also, you must cover the carrier once the cat is in it. You may use a towel or any other piece of cloth to cover the carrier so that the surrounding views don’t let him get panic. Remember that you should not put more than one cat in a carrier. Because it can help you minimize the probability of facing stressful situations.

Avoid Feeding Your Kitty before You Leave

One thing you must remember is that you should not feed your furry friend 5-6 hours before you plan to leave. To prevent motion sickness and disagreeable travel experience, it is the best thing to consider.

Keep Purrfect Security

Don’t leave the carrier unattended and a seat belt in the car must secure it. You may put the carrier back in the car as it could help you avoid quick movements and ultimately leave your cat safe. A big NO for letting your cat roams free in the car while you are driving – it can put you in real-time danger because it simply distracts your attention easily.

Keep Your Furry Friend Hydrated

Travelling can make everyone tired that’s why you need to keep yourself as well as your kitty hydrated enough.

Note the Temperature

Temperature is another main thing to consider while traveling. Going outside of the house will let you feel the harshness of the weather. Likewise, your four-legged friend will also feel the difference in temperature. That’s why you have to keep air well-circulated everywhere in the car to avoid overheating.

On the other hand, chill weather has its own requirements that you need to fulfill.

Take Breaks

Traveling far away demands more often breaks than shorter trips. Use a cat harness, when you are intended to let the kitty walk a little bit out of the car. Animals need breaks in the same way as humans need them. Using a cat harness will let you and your kitty stroll around before continuing the journey.

Don’t ever leave your cat alone in the car. Every living being needs to be taken care of!

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