How to get Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge on Steam

How to get Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge on Steam

How to get Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge on Steam

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale features deeper discounts than ever, as well as the usual perks like the chance to collect trading cards and make badges for the event, plus some new twists you won’t want to miss. Cortex, a trickster from the far future, is trying to bring you the best and most comprehensive games ever created.

Earning Your Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge

Clothes have asked you to recover ten games he removed from Steam’s distant future. Alternatively, he may provide cryptic clues about the location of the games, leading to what he calls “smaller [paradoxes]” that only serve to dampen optimism about the future.

In other words, we are now in the midst of an exciting game. Find the answers to Clorthaxs’s puzzles and unlock new games to move closer to the Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge. If you manage to track them all down, you’ll be rewarded with a brand new, maxed-out badge.

Go to the Steam Store

Select the Steam store’s menu and look for the option labeled “Free fun this way” to access Clothax’s messages and clues.

Scroll down the Clothax instructions page to see how to use it.

There will be a message from Clothax outlining the guidelines for the hunt. The next step is to analyse the information provided and locate a Steam game that fits the bill.

After you’ve read the guidelines, there’s a button at the bottom of the page you can click to begin the exercise.

Solve the first clue:

The first piece of information is revealed when you visit the link above. By reading the provided details, you’ll be led to the appropriate genre page, where you can locate the game you’re looking for.

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To simplify your search, focus on these salient characteristics. These games do not feature elements such as tags, for instance. As an added bonus, the game’s video, which is always filtered with a noticeable excellent effect, can be used to confirm your identification.

Earn 10 badges:

A confirmation screen will appear when you’ve figured out the first clue and selected the suitable game. Click the “Go to Search Page” link to proceed with finding more hints.

Obtaining 10 badges is a prerequisite for this mission’s conclusion. (For each puzzle you crack, you’ll earn a new badge.)

Earn Clothax’s Paradox Party Badge:

The Steam Summer Sale rewards for completing the game’s badges are available to claim.

A Guide to Earning the Steam 3000 Badge

Those who want the party to continue can do so by interacting with the Steam 3000 badge system during the Summer Sale. These rare mementos can be obtained by doing the following:

Buy the game:

The Summer Sale gives you a trading card for every ten dollars you spend on any game.

Search the Discovery Queue:

Want to limit your financial outlay? Play through the games in the Discovery Queue to earn collectibles like trading cards and badges.

Trading cards for sale or trade:

To finish off those incomplete sets, trade cards with other players in the marketplace. You can buy the card if you don’t find what you need.

Solve clues for Clothax’s Paradox party badge:

We mentioned before that solving a puzzle will earn you a badge.

The Steam Summer Sale is here, and with it comes the opportunity to purchase Clothax’s Paradox Party and Steam’s 3000 Badges. See our Top 10 Summer Sales list for more information on the promotion. In addition, check out the related links down below to learn more.

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