Diamonds and Gemstones From Finer Custom Jewelry

Diamonds and Gemstones From Finer Custom Jewelry

Diamonds and Gemstones From Finer Custom Jewelry

Whether you are looking for engagement rings, wedding bands, or diamond rings, is a one-stop shop for custom Diamonds Jewelry. By providing a marketplace for diamonds and gemstones, you’ll be able to contact a designer or craftsman and create a masterpiece that can last for decades.

Jannie Bean

Jannie Bean of Finer Custom Diamonds Jewelry specializes in customized Diamonds Jewelry that’s as unique as the wearer. From engagement rings to buckles, this store creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to catch the attention of friends and family. Each piece is numbered and named specifically for its owner.

The shop’s in-house jeweler offers expert repairs and design work. She has graduate-level training in gemology. The shop offers a lifetime guarantee, too. In-house certified appraisals and master repairs are available. The store also offers a variety of women’s apparel, such as daywear and lingerie.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings from Finer Custom Jewelry are unique creations that will become a talking point for years to come. Not only will they be a beautiful conversation piece, but matching rings will also represent a couple’s identity. These rings are often more expensive than other kinds of engagement rings, but the cost will vary according to the design and jeweler you choose.

Diamonds are a classic symbol of love and unity and they are the most popular choice for engagement rings. There are many different shapes and styles of engagement rings available, but the most popular style is the round brilliant. This style of ring has 58 facets and has become a favorite among many couples. Other popular styles include the emerald cut and cushion cut.

Engagement rings

When shopping for engagement rings, there are many elements to consider. While you can opt for a simple band, some couples prefer a ring with a unique design. You can also incorporate special elements such as a message engraved on the inside of the ring. For instance, you and your partner may want to incorporate an oak leaf into the band. You could also add a ruby or sapphire to your ring. Whatever you decide, your engagement ring will be one of a kind.

Custom engagement rings can be a great experience. They can reflect your relationship with your partner as well as your tastes and lifestyle. What’s more, they can be affordable compared to buying an engagement ring off the rack.

Wedding bands

When it comes to buying wedding bands, there are several styles to choose from. There are stand-alone bands that can be worn on one hand and stackable bands that can be worn on both. Some couples prefer to buy their wedding bands together with their engagement rings, but others choose to wait until their wedding day to purchase their bands. Whatever your preference, Finer Custom Jewelry has a stunning collection of wedding bands.

To find the perfect ring, you should first talk with a jewelry designer. A jewelry designer can give you advice on the type of metal and stone that will be most suitable for the wedding band. Most jewelers will advise against using silver, as it is a soft metal that can bend easily, making it unsuitable for everyday wear. Platinum is a more durable white metal that will stand up to daily wear.


To test out 10 direct-to-consumer Diamonds¬† jewelry brands, the Strategist asked members to order a necklace and earrings. They wore each piece for two weeks, assessing comfort, style, practicality, and quality. They also evaluated each brand’s policies on shipping, returns, and custom orders.


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