Cecilia Vintage Jewelry

Cecilia Vintage Jewelry

Cecilia Vintage Jewelry

The Cecilia long necklace is made of varied African brass beads. The pendants are Catholic religious medals in authentic vintage and antique styles, displaying amazing detail. This necklace is the perfect choice for any Catholic. It will complement any outfit, whether it is a formal dinner out or a simple evening at home.

Cecilia is a long necklace made of varied African brass beads

The Cecilia Vintage necklace is made with a variety of African brass beads accented by vintage African trade beads. It is fastened with a signature abalone button clasp. This colorful necklace comes in an organza pouch and an origami gift box.

These beads have a rich history dating back to about 10,000 B.C. when they were made by the Baoule people of Cote d’Ivoire. The Baoule used the lost-wax casting technique for centuries. Their ornaments may have been made of locally mined gold, but they were also made of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. European sailing ships brought brass to West Africa, and this process of making beads continues to this day.

Traditionally, African jewelry is made with various materials, including wood, shells, and glass beads. The materials used vary greatly from region to region. Many people make their jewelry from materials that they hunted or found. Other common materials include bones, feathers, and animal horns.

African glass beads have a rich history and are used by several cultures for adornment and elaborate beadwork. Many ancient sites have evidence of glass beads from this region. In Djenne’, Mali, for example, glass beads from the Egyptian Ptolemaic Period were found. These glass beads were then transported to important citadels in inland Africa by traders.

Catholic religious medals in authentic antique and vintage styles with amazing detail

Old Religious Medals are a great way to show your faith. These medals are made in various styles and can range in size from tiny and delicate to huge and ornate. If you are a collector, you can find antique Catholic medals for sale in auctions, brokerages, and appraisals.

These old religious medals are often considered sacramentals, meaning that they have a spiritual effect on the wearer. The wearing of religious medals has been an ancient tradition for Catholics. Archaeologists have discovered medals crafted as early as the 2nd century with images of St. Peter and St. Paul, as well as Saint Lawrence the Martyr.

Today, there are approximately 900 available on eBay, with many new designs. Some of these medals come directly from estates, while others are available from dealers. While some convents sell directly to eBay, most sell to dealers or other collectors. Some modern styles, including those with “Italy” stamped on them, are also available.

This Catholic religious medal features the Blessed Mother seated with her hands full of light. The Blessed Mother appeared in this position and told St. Catherine Laboure to have a medal crafted from this model. Today, this medal continues to bring blessings to the soul and bodies of people who wear it.

African brass beads

African brass beads are widely popular, known for their rustic and tribal look. These beads are produced by artisans from various African countries. They are second only to recycled glass in bead exports. They used to be used as a form of currency in Ghana and parts of Ethiopia, and they continue to serve as a status symbol in some areas of east Africa. These beads are usually handmade using the lost wax technique, which involves pouring molten metal into a hard wax cast.

The Cecilia necklace is made of various African brass beads, accented with vintage African trade beads. The necklace also features a 1-3/4″ hand-carved African conch shell pendant, fastened with a signature abalone button clasp. The necklace is presented in a beautiful organza pouch and an origami gift box.

The African brass beads are available in two main styles, round and tabular. The tabular brass beads are flatter than their round counterparts and were traditionally worn as adornments by the Ashanti tribe. They are hand-crafted in Ghana using the lost wax technique, which involves breaking the mold to create the beads. This technique makes them ideal for designing complex jewelry pieces, such as necklaces.


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