Top 5 Prescription Sunglasses For Men And Women 2021

Top 5 Prescription Sunglasses For Men And Women 2021

Top 5 Prescription Sunglasses For Men And Women 2021

Sunglasses are an integral part of any outfit, be it a day at the beach or night on the town. The perfect pair should give you good eye protection while adding to your style and making both yourself and others happy with their appearance.If you wear vision correction glasses, it is imperative to buy good quality sunglasses so that your eyes are protected from UV rays and can see more clearly. Consider the following factors when choosing which prescription shades will best suit your needs


You may need sunglasses for sun protection if you spend a lot of time outside.It’s good to determine when you are most likely to need sun protection, for example:

Normal use & Driving

Water activities 

Outdoor activities like cycling and hiking

Intense exercise


You have a lot of choices when considering good prescription sunglasses. A plastic lens is light, durable and shockproof but scratches easily. Plastic material has a better transparency than glass making it easier for your eyesight needs with an increased visual clarity. Polycarbonate glasses provide clear vision when you wear them as well which makes this type very suitable for those who need a prescription; these frames are also thin so they’re lighter than other materials like metal or cellulose acetate that may not fit the same person’s frame size without breaking under pressure from heavy use such as in high-risk sports or work environments.


It is important to get the correct size of frame for your glasses. This not only means that they will fit on your face better, but also helps prevent dangerous lightning strikes from happening as often. 

Also check other features when looking for a new pair such as polarized light, fitting style and high impact resistance/high speed.

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Many people know what it’s like to wear prescription glasses. In fact, there are many types of prescriptions and some can be very cumbersome on the face while others do not interfere with your features at all. 5 of the best prescription sunglasses are mentioned in this article.

1. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Ray-Bans are the ultimate accessory for any occasion. The classic Ray-Ban aviator glasses come in a variety of lens and frame colors, from black frames and green lenses to silver polished frames with gray polarized lenses; wearers can also choose their own prescription or nonprescription sunglasses depending on what they need most out of these fashionable shades. They were originally designed for military use but can block 85% of visible light and mostly UV light. 

2. Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

They’re lightweight and sturdy for long-distance travel so you won’t feel weighed down after a day of walking around the city looking at all the sights. UV400 laminated glass is lightweight and designed to travel long distances with a money-back guarantee and lifetime failure guarantee that will stand up to anything you put it through while still looking great on men too. It’s best for those who always have to carry their sunglasses with them, these glasses are perfect. It blocks both UVA and UVB rays, so take your time shopping because they’ll last forever.

Lens width: 55 mm. 

Nose bridge width: 19 mm. 

Polarization: Yes

Unisex: Yes

3. Oakley Men’s Turbine Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley constantly sets the standard when it comes to sunglasses. Their new line of turbo polarized sunglasses is no exception. Made with a cutting-edge Plutonite lens material, these dark glasses filter 100% UVA, UVB and even UVC rays as well as blue light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones that can disrupt your sleep cycle at night time or make you feel fatigued during daytime hours; however their 3 point design is designed specifically for optimal comfort so they’ll never slip off while participating in any activity from running marathons to lounging on beaches all day long.

Lens width: 63 mm. 

Nose bridge width: 17 mm. 

Polarization: Yes 

Unisex: No

4. Le Specs Women’s Unreal Sunglasses

Le Spec sunglasses are not expensive—most of them cost between $60 and $80—but they are well-made and durable, so you can get more out of them than in summer. Some people say that the best way to keep your style game up is by updating it with new trends every season. But if you’re looking for something a little less flashy but still just as cool, Le Specs might be right up your alley! Their glasses have been around since 1985 (some frames dating back to 1960!) And while their styles may have evolved over time from traditional aviator designs through 80s silhouettes into 90s inspirations like this hot pink frame or these gold metal accents on black hinges – one thing has stayed true: their commitment to making quality sunglasses.

Le Specs are still handmade in France, and they have a unique way of combining classic styles with contemporary flair.

Lens width: 52 mm. 

Nose bridge width: 16 mm.

Polarization: No

Unisex: No

5. Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL polarized sunglasses are the best when it comes to golfing, and if you don’t believe me you should at least take a look! The frame of these glasses is sturdy, lightweight but durable enough for this sport’s rigorous demands on equipment- all while staying comfortable with three point fit. Scratch resistant PRIZM lens also adopts high definition design that allows better visibility in addition to carrying handles so they stay securely in place even during your swing. Lastly there are two different versions of lenses: Dark Golf Lens or Clear Speed Swing Optics Lenses – both perfect options depending on what type of day we’re having out there.

Lens width: 59 mm. 

Nose bridge width: 12 mm. 

Polarization: Yes 

Unisex: No

Bottom Line

What do you get when the perfect blend of form and function intersect? Ray Ban aviators are the classic sunglasses for every face shape. These timeless pieces are a favorite for their shape, versatility in color, and convenience with prescription lenses that block blue light to keep your eyes feeling fresh all day long.

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