22 Bob Hairstyles for Girls With Short and Long Hair

22 Bob Hairstyles for Girls With Short and Long Hair

Choosing a cute short haircut for girls is no easy task. You need something that’s going to look good on you or your little girl, but also with the clothes and style of your everyday life. It should be possible for everyday wear so it doesn’t get in the way, yet still have some potential when dressing up more fancier styles or looks. The shorter your hair is cut then often less options are available which can make finding one challenging at first glance; however modern haircuts offer contrast textures like straight lines against curly ones as well as unusual angles and stately edges allows you to change things up time after time making each new haircut seem different than all before it.

There are so many cute hairstyles out there for girls. There is no need to worry if your daughter has curly hair, long hair, or short hair. You can find a style that will suit her perfectly. This blog post will cover 22 different bob hairstyles for girls with long, short, curly, straight, and thick hair so I’m hopeful you’ll definitely find something for your girl here.

Each one is uniquely cute and will work for a variety of haircuts.

There are so many hairstyles that can be cut into the bob style like the short mom haircut, little girl haircuts and toddler girl haircuts. All these cuts have their own charm whether they’re long or short with curly texture or straight strands. You can even get creative with your hair color! There may not seem to be much diversity when it comes to this specific type of haircut but there are still plenty of colors, lengths, thicknesses and textures you could try out.

Clean Bob cut

First one on the list is Clean bob cut. These haircuts are always fashionable. They can be styled with a fun color or done in a more natural tone to match your skin. This is an easy and fuss-free hairstyle for little girls who don’t want to spend too much time on their hair every morning but still look put together when they head out the door.

Angled Lob Cut for Girls

Angled haircuts are a more whimsical and fun style. This cut can be styled with curls or waves to make it look more feminine. The long layers that come down the front of the face give this haircut some added flair while still being an easy short hairstyle for little girls and women alike.

Cute Long Layers

Little girl shoulder length bob haircuts can be cute and fun. You just need to make sure that your hair is cut at the right length so it doesn’t end up looking too short or choppy when it’s styled with some curls or waves. These long layers are a great style because they’re not too dramatic and allow you to switch up your haircuts with ease.

High-Low Haircut

High-low haircuts are a cute way to dress up your hair for the summer. This style is usually done with curls but it can also be achieved by blow drying straight and then styling like this as well. The high part of this haircut allows you to have some fun with your hairstyle while still maintaining an easy shortcut that is simple to style.

Textured Bob for Straight Fine Hair

Textured haircuts are a great way to add dimension and style to your hair. This bob is designed with texturized layers that can be styled in any direction, making it the perfect option for those who like more of a natural feel or want something cute, short haircuts for girls but don’t have curly locks.

Medium-to-Long Cut with Light Layers

This is a cute haircut for girls with long hair that works well because it’s not too dramatic. The light layers are barely visible and the cut just brushes against the shoulders, making this style perfect for little girls who want to maintain some of their length without sacrificing any femininity or creativity.

Medium Haircut with V-cut Layers

Medium haircuts for girls can be cute and fun. This cut is a little bit more edgy because of the V-cut layers but it’s still simple enough to style with some volumizing waves or curls when you want something different. The short bangs at the front are trendy without being too dramatic, making this an easy haircut for little girls who want to add some spice to their style.

Chin-Length Rounded Bob for Girls

This one is a perfect hairstyle for girls with short hair.  It’s a very simple and easy haircut to maintain because it can be worn with curls or waves as well. The little bit of length on the back is cute for those who don’t want to cut all their hair off but still get in on some bob haircuts.

Long Blunt Cut with Surface Layers

This haircut for girls with long hair is a cute and playful style. The surface layers are barely visible so they add some texture without any drama whatsoever. This cut also works well because the length on top can be styled up, down or straight depending on your mood.

Short Inverted Rounded Bob

Here’s another haircut for girls with short hair that is so easy to maintain. This cut requires no styling and will work well for those who don’t like spending too much time on their hairstyle because it can be left completely natural. The inverted layers are sleek and sophisticated, perfect for any occasion or event you might have  coming up.

Long Layers and Textured Ends

Lastly, super-long haircuts for girls can be cute and creative. This style is a very simple cut but it also works well because the textured ends keep things interesting without being too dramatic. The long layers are perfect for those who want to maintain some length while still adding some volume, movement or creativity into their haircuts.

Messy Choppy Bob

If you don’t want to cut all your hair off but still enjoy the benefits of a bob haircut, this one is perfect for you. The choppy ends are an easy way to create texture that doesn’t require any styling and they can be worn straight, curled or as little bobs just like with the length haircuts for girls.

Medium Blunt Haircut with

Everyone deserves a great haircut. Do you want something sleeker? A blunt medium length can give an air of sophistication to pre-teens and teens with long, straight hair that falls past the shoulders. The cut is easy to style for any occasion so it’s perfect if your child has naturally thick hair or even finer locks.

Chopped Angled Bob for Girls

This haircut is the newest trend in hair styles and has been seen on many celebrities. This style can be paired with a variety of makeup looks to create something that suits your personality best. The choppy ends provide an edgy look, while still being appropriate for school so you don’t need to worry about getting detention.

Shaggy Razored Bob with Flyaway

The tousled, tomboyish vibe of this cute dark brown bob is fashionable and modern. The subtle highlights and the piece-y texture lend an absolutely adult feel to it while maintaining a chic feeling with the wispy flyaway giving it that youthful spirit.

Cute Chestnut Cut

A pretty reddish-brown hair color is a great choice for all styles, but throwing in some wispy bangs on your little girl’s side swept hairstyle will make her look adorable. They frame their face perfectly and are surprisingly easy to work with; you won’t need any extra effort when creating this style.

Slightly Layered Locks

This haircut for girls is a more sophisticated style. The locks are layered and brushed in the front so they don’t seem too perfect or like it takes much effort to maintain them. This cut can be styled into waves, braids, curls or even put up in pigtails if you’re looking for something fun to do with your little girl’s hair.

Chic Flowy Lob

This haircut for girls is a longer style that can be styled in many ways, such as up or down and with loose flowy ends. This cut would also work well if you have waves because they create some natural volume without too much effort. The lopped bob has been seen on celebrities like Taylor Swift so it will definitely make your daughter feel like a superstar.

Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

If your daughter has fine hair, this haircut for girls is perfect because it will give her that volume she needs to make the style work. The bob locks are stacked so they can be styled in a variety of ways and depending on the occasion you want them to look like. This cut would also lend itself well if you have naturally straight hair because it will keep the style sleek and professional.

Straight Blunt Haircuts For Little Girls

If you want your girl to look sophisticated, but not too old-fashioned. Then this is the cut for her! This sleek and straight bob haircut will suit any person with naturally straight hair that wants a low maintenance hairstyle perfect for everyday wear because it’s so easy to maintain all day long. Add some curls or waves in there when needed and voila! You have an adorable new style ready within seconds of washing up without needing any styling products at all – just let nature do its work on beautiful curly locks.

Mid Back Cut for Girls with Thick Hair

Girls with long hair can face a battle to keep their ends dry and the cuticles of the hair healthy. Sometimes, cutting long locks by an inch or two is all it takes for them to be back at 100% health again. The mid-back haircut that leaves slightly curled ends will give girls’ bouncy curls while still looking sleek.

Sleek and Straight to the Shoulders

Not only is this cut super stylish and perfect for those with thick, straight hair; it’s also a great option if your daughter prefers to not conform. This no-frills haircut still has feminine curves that are especially lovely on the lucky little girl who gets away from dress codes of school every day.


The best haircuts for girls will depend on their personality type in order to style them accordingly. A choppy bob might make a girl feel like she’s got power and control, but one that is layered towards the face will really show off her sweet innocence. All girls want to get noticed for their style so why not choose something that feels completely unique?

I hope it was helpful for you and you have  found a style that your girl likes. It can be hectic to go through all the trouble but once you get the hair done, it will be worth it.

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